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The power of touch!

When it comes to helping others seeking peace from emotional and physical pain, the most powerful tool is healing touch that comes from the heart.

Divine Touch Healing is a unique process that allows us to bring forth our innate gift of healing that most have forgotten.  It is an awakening of our divinity within and how, through the power of love, miracles take place!


On this journey, you will learn how to free others from physical and emotional pain by:

I will aslo work with you personally as needed to reach your goals and achieve your intentions of assisting others. 

  • Tuning into the sources/roots of emotional and physical pain by connecting with other lifetimes and experiences.

  • Connecting with and channeling divine light and healing energy

  • Healing emotional blocks.

  • Releasing limiting beliefs.

  • Clearing unwanted energies within the chakras, auras, physical form, etc.

  • Using and strengthening your gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc.

  • Working with the conscious and subconscious levels.

What to expect with Past Life Healing

We will benefit from Joanna Spano’s experiences as a “Galactic Reader”. Joanna has offered workshops, presentations and readings in the New England area. This will be an insightful open forum covering topics such as:

  • Individual lifetime reviews.

  • Why we incarnate.

  • Why we choose certain locations on and off Earth to live.

  • How previous lifetimes impact our present realities.

  • The Akashic records.


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