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Get A Customized Spray Tan Without Sun Or Orange Undertones

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We offer organic spray tans with Aviva products. Aviva Labs has formulated a product to work just the way you want it to. With over 16 years in business, Aviva Labs has worked hard to create a vegan, fast-drying, alcohol-free, fragrance free, and oil free product to give customers a quality tan. Because the products are alcohol free, they don’t leave patchey or uneven spots on your body. The company knows their products, and understand how Dihydroxyacetone or DHA (a fine powder made from beets and sugar cane) works! Find a range of options with Aviva products, from that natural bronze to your favorite competition look.

3 Reasons To Get A Customized Spray Tan

100% customizable airbrush tan.

Contouring in all the right places.

No orange undertones.

Traditional Tan

With a traditional spray tan expect the the tan to set in approximately 8 to 12 hours. There are a few different options for people with light skin or darker tones. The traditional tans have nice undertones to compliment your skin and make the tan look more natural. Traditional tans are available in a few different percentages, so you can get the perfect sun-kissed tone.


This option works best for aging and sun-damaged skin. The SWiCH treatment is a peel alternative that helps to bring skin back to life, without damaging the facial tissue. The treatment works to encourage the body to increase its cellular energy. For the next 28 days, your skin will work to repair itself with this treatment. Leave the spa with firm, radiant skin, and balanced skin tones.

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Customized Spray Tan- 15 minute session- $35.00
Premium Airbrush Tan- 15 minute session- $40.00

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